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24-7 Locksmith

24-7 Locksmith

Our 24/7 locksmiths are here to help you with emergencies, lockouts, replacements and repairs at any time of day or night. So, call us today.

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Auto Locksmith

Auto Locksmith

We are the most trusted automotive locksmith service provider in the area.

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Commercial Locksmith

Commercial Locksmith

We are a Commercial Locksmith that is prepared to work on your property.

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Tips to ensure effective lock repairs. With information about the different types of locksmith services.

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Keep duplicate car keys in a safe place

Car keys can easily get lost. It is for this reason why you must always have at least two duplicate keys that are safely kept inside your home and inside your purse. Do this right after you have purchased a vehicle so that you will always have this comfort of knowing that even if you have lost your key, you can still get in your car.

Keeping duplicate car keys

Place your extra car keys in a safe and hidden place. Locksmith Newport Beach suggests that you should have at least two sets. Keep the first one in your purse at all times. Just make sure you bring your bag everywhere you go. The second set should be kept in a safe place in your house or office. Do not forget where you keep it, though.

Locking your bicycle

If you have a brand new bicycle, it likely comes with its own lock and key or a combination lock attached to a cable or chain. It is advisable not to rely on this freebie lock. While it can possibly prevent theft by inexperienced thieves, it’s not going to suffice to prevent veteran robbers from disengaging the generic lock. It is recommended getting a better lock. Thieves may have already mastered defeating the bike’s generic lock.

Looks matter for locks

Do not be mistaken in thinking that the appearance of a lock or key does not matter. According to our technicians, the appearance of a solid security system is one of the most important deterrents against intruders. Get something that looks very solid and undeniably reliable.

Secure cabinets and safes

This is an area commonly overlooked. Many people will keep particularly valuable items within simple cabinets and chests. These should be secured with highly effective locks. Burglars and thieves will look for cabinets, drawers and attractive looking chests before anything else, as they know they are likely to hold precious items.

Security systems can transform the safety level of your home

Locksmiths do more than open old locks. The modern locksmith is concerned with all technologies that aid security. Consider cameras, alarms and sensors to add a full array of measures to your defenses. Not only are these devices very effective deterrents, they can also prove extremely helpful in stopping crime at the very moment that it's taking place.

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